8 Mistakes Java Developers Make that Negatively Affect their Skills

The problem: lack of knowledge causes bad quality code. You won’t be able to implement the best solution if you don’t know, for example, the language, framework, or any other technology with which you work.

You will probably reinvent the wheel many times if you don’t know at least the basics of the technology you are working with.

1 – Not studying at home

In the IT world we must be updated all the time, it’s crucial for our careers to study new technologies, use them and understand why they are important.

More important is to understand a new paradigm, because this is what takes time to learn. Instead of learning languages with the same paradigms, try to learn Clojure that uses Functional Programming in a very strong way. Don’t think it’s enough to just work with the technology, the concepts must be absorbed as well.

2 – Lack of discipline

Discipline? I don’t have discipline, that is a Japanese thing! Do you really think like this? If so, you are wrong, everyone can have discipline. It’s a matter of habit. Discipline is not easy, it takes effort to do what you must do!

Do not fall into the trap of your brain – just one more day, I will do it tomorrow. No!!!!!!! Do it now!!!! Do it as fast as you can!!!! Don’t get manipulated by yourself, focus on what is important to you and do it!!!!

You can try to use a calendar and schedule the times you are going to study.

In my case, I don’t like to use a calendar to study. I like to be flexible and study whenever I want, but I always complete a minimum number of study hours every week.

So, create a weekly goal and work toward it. Your goal could be to study 5, 15, 20, 30 hours each week – you know how much you can handle. The important thing is to follow your goal!

Apps like My Study Life and iStudiez can help you create a personalized study plan and track your progress.

3 – Using excuses

It’s another trap we must get rid of! Even without noticing, your brain will create a lot of excuses, it will say, “Oh, today I can’t study because I have to watch sports” or “Today I can’t because I am too tired” or “Today I have cook” or “Today I am going to the pub.”

I know all of the things I mentioned consume time, but it’s possible to manage your time and apply yourself to your goal. Even if it’s almost impossible for you, you can study at least 5 minutes every day.

4 – Think you already know everything

It’s common for developers to think they know everything because they are comfortable in the companies they work for. But the truth is, you never know what will happen tomorrow – you may lose your job suddenly, the company could go bankrupt or they may change their technology. If this happens, you could be in trouble.

Don’t wait until one of these situations happens to you. Be prepared! It takes time, dedication and studying to keep your skills up-to-date. You don’t want to be out of a job and hurrying to learn new skills. You may be a great developer, but no one knows everything.  Studying is a necessity!

5 – Not knowing your learning style

Learning style? What is this? Your learning style is the way you learn best. Finding out your learning style can help you learn things faster and more effectively.

What style learner are you?

A visual learner? (Seeing – Pictures, Diagrams, Graphics)

An auditory learner? (Hearing – Discussions, Dialogs, Music)

A kinesthetic learner? (Moving – Studying while exercising)

A tactile learner? (Touching – Practical activities, Podcasts)

Do you like reading books? Face-to-face courses? Listening to a podcast? Speaking to people? Once you have your answer, you can match your studies to your learning style. You can mix all of these styles, but you should focus on your dominant style to maximize your results.

6 – Not knowing the best sources of knowledge

Once you know your learning style, I will refer some sources here:

Online courses

Plural Sight

Code School





You should find the book of what you need. Don’t read everything. Read what can help you in your life.


Java Pub House

How to Program with Java

Enterprise Java Newscast

The Java Posse

Illegal Argument

7 – Not knowing how to manage your time

I don’t like to have the fixed time for everything, you may like this. Find out how you work best. I like to define how many hours I am going to study during the week. If I can’t study on a particular day for some reason, I will compensate for these hours on another day. I like to be flexible.

But again, it’s up to you. Find what is most suitable for you and then accomplish your goal!

8 – Not optimizing your time

We think we don’t have time for anything, but actually we do! If you commute to work by car, you can listen to a podcast. If you commute by bus, you can read a book. For example, if you spend 2 hours every day commuting, this means you have 10 hours per week and 40 hours per month to take advantage of! Don’t waste these valuable hours! Learn how to optimize your time and make every minute valuable! You will see the results!

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Keep up improving yourself!

8 Mistakes Java Developers Make that Negatively Affect their Skills